About Us

Our Bread

Our bread starts out with the perfect blend of 4 basic ingredients:

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


(Sourdough Starter)

Our Team

We are the Founders of The Brewer’s Bread (CEO/Baker Kellee Curfew and Baker/beer nerd Adam Curfew). Our passion for bread started from a love of quality ingredients, fresh food, and zymology better known as fermentation. 

Adam is the science behind The Brewer’s Bread. He spent the last 25 years professionally brewing beer and learning all things saccharomyces cerevisiae – aka yeast. This led to experimentation into sourdough and naturally leavened bread. Using brewing malts, rye, and wheat Adam cultivated “Starters” a few times over the years. In 2018 the Starter reached perfection and The Brewer’s Bread proprietary Starter came to exist. We LOVE our first-born starter and it is so damn good. 

Kellee is the vision and operations behind The Brewer’s Bread. She has been refining the bread making process since the Starter’s creation in 2018. In 2020 as bread was generally hard to come by, we began baking and giving bread to our friends and neighbors. Once the grocery store shelves were restocked our people still wanted our bread. Kellee had the vision of creating the business and in the spring of 2021 Kellee and Adam decided to formally create The Brewer’s Bread. 

The Brewer’s Bread started as a Cottage Bakery and thanks to all of you we’re growing. We are currently producing bread in our micro bakery with the goal of opening a storefront in the near future. We have a real passion for our bread. Our bread is made with love to be shared. We thank you for your support on our tasty journey.


Woman Owned & Operated